We believe in teaching students academic knowledge as well as exposing them to the world of work. We do this through a balanced curriculum of academic coaching and project- based learning with field exposure to real life enterprises and experiences.

If the need arises, can our children cook their own meals from scratch? If a disaster occurs, can they grow their own food to survive? Do they know what are their own innate strengths and life vocation is?

The truth is our children are seldom given opportunities to be exposed to life skills and experiences to make their own choice and learn from it. 

Alongside the standard curriculum we also expose our children to the world of entrepreneurship and real life through aquaponics farming, culinary arts and digital media. We instill character development through our value-based education which includes digital quotient, leadership through play, community sports and service learning programmes.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing, culturally diverse community in partnership with parents that inspires young people to realise their true potential. We believe in nurturing our students to become confident, independent learners as well as responsible global citizens with strong moral values and integrity.