Students at the elementary level  have a curiosity regarding the world around them and a deep desire to attain knowledge. We integrate their learning rather than compartmentalizing into individual subject areas. The Montessori philosophy believes in educating each student according to their own unique talents.

The art of language is an essential foundation for all other areas of learning and communication, encompassing writing, reading, basic skills, and oral expression. This foundation, in turn, filters into all other subject areas. Students are taught early literacy skills, and are provided with hands-on learning experiences, to teach phonemic awareness and phonics as the building blocks of reading. Through many of the impressionistic lessons of language, inclusive of grammar and sentence analysis, as well as exposure to different types of literature, the child builds their vocabulary and develops critical thinking skills. The student learns to love reading and writing for personal pleasure and to gain knowledge.


The Montessori mathematics program employs the use of beautifully crafted materials, which when used in a specific sequence, progresses the child from a concrete understanding of the processes, to performing mathematical abstractions. The math curriculum integrates arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, as well as the state standards, into one comprehensive system.

Maria Montessori developed the theory of Cosmic Education: that everything in  our universe is interdependent and the past, present, and future of our history is  interconnected. All bodies of study branch out from this cosmic education plan: life science, earth science, physical science, geography, history, and the arts. In addition to the classroom experiences, the child also has two physical education classes, an art class, and a music class each week, taught by an expert in that field.

Finally, the Montessori classroom promotes a sense of community and responsibility to the world at-large by teaching students to be good stewards of their environment, to use grace and courtesy, and to promote a curriculum of peace.