I have always believed that while academic achievements are important,  education that one gives to children must go beyond that.

We cannot ignore the fact that each child is unique and we nurture their individual passions and individual calling in life to prepare them to face the realities that they will face in the real world.  Children who are pressured to conform to the demands of society and what is perceived as ‘acceptable success’ may succumb to mental and social problems.  These are the issues that are plaguing our youths today. They become victims to the allure of social media and destructive online games. It is alarming to read and hear of the rise of teenage self-harm and suicide.

As parents, it is natural that we want to protect our children from the negative influences that are permeating among our children and youths.  This is the reason why, I believe that we need to free our children from societal pressures and broaden their talents to beyond academic excellence.

I know this may sound a bit revolutionary to some academicians but I truly believe that if we truly put the different pieces together, we can make it work.

Through our unique education methodology, every student in our school will be able to work on their inner strengths and master appropriate soft skills to collaborate with each other and create something great together.  This is the foundation of our 3R Values that we expound in our school.

We believe that each student will be able to identify their unique strengths in forming RELATIONSHIPS with each other and in the wider community , while at the same time conforming to  a rigorous curriculum to manage the REALITY of examination. We also provide project based learning through social  entrepreneurship where students will  learn the RESPONSIBILITY of becoming outstanding, independent and contributing members of the community.

Law Cheok Maan, Founder and Chief Educationist