We organise weekly parent and child roller blading and various piyo (pilates and yoga)  exercise with a farm to table breakfast using a prescatrian (fish and vegetable) diet from our school farm that adopts chemical free practices to advocate healthy family lifestyles and our 7F nutrition pillar.

The 7 Pillar of nutrition that recommended are as follows:

  1. Food groups – Broadly 50% multi-coloured vegetables, carbohydrates 25% and protein 25%.
  2. Farm Traceability – With the rise in awareness in using of pesticide on vegetables , its important to understand the farming practices of the vegetable that we consume.
  3. Fermentation – We need to restore the age old practice of eating fermented foods is to help build a healthy environment of probiotics to flourish in our guts that helps digestion and nutrient absorption.
  4. Fasting – There is a rising realisation on the benefits of intermittent fasting as one of the ways to unlock the metabolism for food we consume.
  5. Fluids – Whilst the recommended water intake of form one students is about 2 litres a day a study conducted by the Health ministry has shown that less than 35% of the students actually consumes less than the recommended amount.
  6. Fats – We need to observe healthy ratios of different fat. Specifically , research has shown that an ideal ration of omega 6 fatty acids to omega 3 fatty acids should be in the region of 4:1. Sadly , modern lifestyles (specifically in America) shows that ratios are hovering at unhealthy levels of 20:1.
  7. Frequent healthy snacks – Eating smaller meals ( at about 300-400 calories ) according to your stomach and waiting for around 20 minutes for your body to register when its satiated is an excellent strategy to keep the discipline of not having an excessive calorie intake.