Tree Top International School Experience

Students enjoy a rich educational experience beyond their classrooms.

They have endless opportunities to fulfill their academic, creative and entrepreneurial potential through stimulating classes and comprehensive STEAM (Science, Technology, English, Art & Mathematics) and community programs. Project-based learning provide numerous ways to study, work and volunteer outside the classrooms.

Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills within a Montessori and rigorous IGCSE curriculum. They also get plenty of individualised attention. Classes are small, and our student-teacher ratio is just 20:1.

Teachers and learning specialists provide academic advice and learning support. We encourage peer learning to help new students fit into the Tree Top family.

All students develop creativity and physical fitness through participation in the arts and sports. Clubs, project based-learning and community activities help students refine their individual talents and find ways to contribute towards our local community such as the Read and Cook Cafe.

Technology & Digital Quotient

We are now heading towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the physical, digital and biological spheres will merge together. We need to prepare our students to be ready for the real world outside school.

Thus, our curriculum includes sciences and technology classes, where students experience hands-on computing and technology classes. They will also learn digital awareness through our Digital Quotient (DQ) lessons, a collaborative program with world renowned educators.

Sports Programme

We seek to provide sports for all, while striving for excellence. Students will experience a range of sporting activities that they enjoy. We aim to promote achievement, progress and excellence, while at the same time fostering the development of self confidence in every child.

Our Values of Reality, Relationship and Responsibility form the core of our sports philosophy. These 3 Values are reflected throughout our Physical Education Curriculum and our sports training activities. 

Our team of specialist teachers deliver a broad and balanced curriculum of games, dance, outdoor activities, athletics and swimming. In this programme, students develop their physical skills, analytical and creative thinking, and the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Music & Performing Arts

Music and drama are a vital part of the school’s extra curriculum activities . We believe that the performing arts enrich our understanding of the world and help students learn the important aspects of a successful and fulfilled life -team collaboration; shared responsibility; self-confidence; focus and the importance of disciplined rehearsal and performance.

We offer performance opportunities from Preschool to Year 11, both as part of the curriculum and after-school activities, musicals, self-devised works and straight plays; choir concerts from Year 5 through secondary school; as well private music lessons.