Our culture

Welcome to Tree Top International School, an inclusive and community-focused school, we value ideas, creativity and new ways of thinking. We aim to develop students who are accomplished in a broad range of academic skills, self-motivated and guided by a strong sense of moral purpose.

Beyond Academic Excellence involves each student striving to reach a point beyond what he or she feels is currently possible. We celebrate those who reach the peak of achievement in any field of endeavour, as well as those who exceed their previous best. We consider excellence to be a continued journey as our staff and students are always looking for how we can be even better today than we were yesterday.

Community and service learning is central to our mission, achievements and continued success. Empathy, respect and consideration for others are fundamental, as well as active participation in service that builds and strengthens the communities around us. We value our broader connections within our community and across the world.

Leadership through play, we believe leadership takes many forms. At Treetop, the first step is gaining an understanding of who you are – leading yourself. We ask students to consider leadership of, and with, others as a collaborative experience. We expect leadership to be underpinned by a strong ethical and moral dimension. Relationships is at the heart of Tree Top. The care and respect that exists between teachers, students and their families is essential to our culture and as a larger family.

At Tree Top, we want all students to understand that their talents, interests and needs are recognised, knowing this encourages an intrinsic desire to learn, improve and progress.