Treetop House is the result of passion and conviction for inclusive education of founder, Law Cheok Maan.

He started Treetop House with a vision to advocate inclusive learning for children and allowing them to develop their full potential based on the Montessori belief. Treetop House was launched in December 2010, with 20 teachers trained in Montessori and 7 children.

By the end of 2011, there were over 200 children enrolled and Treetop House today, as a brand, has become synonymous to quality preschool education.

Treetop House, is a full-fledged Montessori school, it was set up based on the philosophy that education is a joint effort between parents, teachers, children and the community. We recognise the unique strength and individuality of every child, the importance of understanding the diversity of cultures.

Most importantly, we believe that children should be nurtured with the support and engagement with their families, and that every child, including those with learning differences, has the right to receive equal learning opportunities in an inclusive environment.