At Tree Top we believe the success of our program is based on teamwork, collaboration and the broad participation of our local and international community. All our students are unique individuals, with equal potential to make a positive contribution to the school and society. Our goal is to instill an enthusiasm for lifelong learning and a sense of global awareness in each student, along with the necessary skills to prepare them for the challenges and changes which lie ahead.


Throughout Tree Top we affirm the integrity of childhood by placing high value on play. In early childhood, it is the cornerstone of our approach to learning. Research has shown that young children learn new skills and process experiences best during play, and that play based curriculum provides the most optimal outcomes for growth and development.

Through play, children actively pose problems, explore solutions, and develop understandings of real world concepts. By comparing and contrasting information gained from new experiences to what they already know, children actively construct knowledge about the way the world works.

Play provides meaningful opportunities to experience success on a child’s own terms, supports a greater sense of autonomy, and builds lasting self-confidence. The role of the teacher in play based education is not passive. Through diligent observation, planning and the use of strategies to enhance children’s play experiences, teachers integrate specific learning goals and objectives for the group and for individuals, and capitalize on emerging interests to create learning opportunities.

The natural world

At Tree Top, we go outdoors frequently. And we bring the outdoor activities to our early childhood teachers to facilitate connection with the natural world everyday, providing children rich opportunity to listen, look, question, feel, guess, discuss, and love the things they find all around them. Exploring nature through play, particularly outdoors, provides endless opportunity for growing and learning in a boundless environment- the child immersed in a multitude of sensory and awe inspiring experiences. Children need access to nature the same way they need good nutrition and adequate sleep. It is fundamental to their growth and wellbeing. Nature play at Tree Top follows this intrinsic pathway to developing imaginative and creative thinking abilities, empathy, independence, acceptance of diversity, self-regulation, mindfulness, physical stamina and locomotor practice, improved receptive and expressive language, healthy risk taking, and collaboration skills by providing both unstructured and intentional nature based learning experiences. Everyday.

Educational continuity

While the toddler, preschool and kindergarten classrooms are staffed by different teachers, and each serve children of differing ages, the Tree Top Preschool as a unified Montessori programme. The teaching approach of every staff member is informed by our shared philosophy and Tree Top’s core values. Teachers meet and work together as a team to best serve our community.  As children move from our toddler room to the preschool to kindergarten, they can expect to have similar relationships with teachers, experience common and familiar language, have the same rich exposure to materials for exploration and expression, and receive the same individualised attention to their needs. This continuity of experience is perpetual throughout Tree Top.