Our Learning Philosophy

Tree Top International School is a nurturing and progressive environment for elementary and secondary students to grow and thrive. Our unique curriculum encourages each individual to identify their strengths, to learn valuable life skills and to form meaningful RELATIONSHIPS with the wider community.

We combine our emphasis on social independence with a rigorous academic curriculum to prepare students for the REALITY of University of New South Wales ICAS assessments and Cambridge IGCSE examinations. We adopt project based learning with social entrepreneurship in the fields of technology, agriculture, culinary and community sports to promote inclusion for students with different learn- ing abilities.

Tree Top International School education is truly unique and unparalleled, emphasising the mastery of real life skills and learning the RESPONSIBILITY of becoming independent and contributing mem- bers of the community from exposure to vocation with industry partners and associates. Tree Top students grow to be confident individuals and are well prepared for university and the world beyond.