Learning Through Play (L2P): L2P is a program to nurture our children to be community leaders and to promote inclusion within and beyond schools with our character based lessons through lego and play that teaches our children collaboration skills , creativity and team work.

Students are encouraged to apply their character lessons by contributing towards our local community through a diversified co-curriculum program which includes sports (Community sports), technology (DQ), agriculture (Eco warrior) and culinary arts (Read & Cook).

Some examples of projects:

Eco Warrior: Learning to steward our environment through outdoor camping activities and through practical projects to recycle waste including recycling of water through aquaponics and urban farming.

Community Sports: Organizing inter school sports with neighbourhood schools within the community and advocating inclusion and anti-bullying though tandem sports that promotes kindness.

Read and Cook: Learning about nutrition through farm to table cooking and getting to know one another deeper through meaningful conversations and stories.

Technology & Values: Coding and cyber safety taught experientially through games including minecraft.