student life

Tree Top is a community of learners learning, growing, playing and having fun together. Students learn and grow with the guidance of outstanding teachers, staff, and industry experts in respective fields.

We have designed activities with a holistic approach to the student’s emotional and physical health.

Programs include art, music, running, yoga, sports, agriculture, aquaponics farming, and animal therapy. Weekends activities includes outings to parks, ice skating, museums, parks and a wealth of other experiences that build familiarity and comfort with the wider world.

Helping students develop life skills and daily routines is also an integral of student life. Daily routines like meals and getting dressed are learning opportunities that are all part of a larger approach to learning and clinical intervention. Each student has a uniquely developed student-life curriculum integrating his or her interests, developmental needs, skills, and individual education plan (IEP). The curriculum includes independent living skills, social development and relationship building, health and wellness, and individual expression experiences.

Educational strategies developed for the classroom and clinical interventions transition seamlessly into the student-life curriculum, supporting students throughout their life-experience at Tree Top International School.

Activities are integrated into each student’s personally designed multidisciplinary curriculum established with the team of teachers, clinicians, staff and along with the student and parents. This individualised approach supports each student’s developmental goals and needs, while incorporating personal interests and fun into the design of their experience at Tree Top International School.