Read and cook cafe is a student run cafe that uses culinary and storytelling as a platform for experiential learning . We use lego ( in our programme called Leadership Through Play ) to teach character based lessons and project planning of events that engages the community with meaningful social impact agendas. 

This  co-curricular programme forms a rich context for student learning beyond their classrooms in what we call “Beyond Academic Excellence”.  Co-curricular activity includes (a) Community Sports (b) Technology and Value (c ) Zero waste Agriculture  and Culinary (d) Toy Library

In community sports, student leaders are taught to raise their own funds to run inclusive community sports with neighbourhood schools to learn both the technical aspect of the sports and also leadership and social emotional skills to form bridges to community that has a different culture.

In technology and value , our student leaders will run a yearly robotic camp to teach the next generation on both cyber wellness through innovative  gaming environment using minecraft  and also coding and robotics using electronics and 3d printing. 

In our Zero waste Agriculture and Culinary, our students are taught to recycle waste like water to produce and cook wholesome vegetable and fish produce that is organic and chemical free. 

We run yearly Toy Library events to show learning truly  starts with play where we share to the community how play can be used both to foster imagination but also therapeutically in autism or trauma.