world play day

Tree Top International School @ Eduvillage celebrated our World Play Day on Saturday, 9th June 2018. This was our 2nd World Play Day event but this year it was with a slight difference as we had Ms Maryanne from Unicef to launch it.

We also had Toy Library Malaysia co- hosting with us. The President of Toy Library Malaysia spoke on the importance of play and this is so evident when we could see smiles and hear laughter and shrills of excitement everywhere as children and their families joined in to play! Families were greeted with many surprises and fun filled games and activities through the many stations that were setup by our teachers as they streamed into our compound.

Queues were seen at our water play station whereby younger children were just simply enjoying themselves. There were also knights in “cardboard armour” advancing on castles. The older children had a chance to act as gallant fighters from opposing teams for sword play romancing the tales of King Arthur and his Knights, fulfilling their dreams of being a knight in shining armour.

The most popular stations however were the shredded paper box and painting on cardboard as children unleashed their creativity and talent while practicing to be the next Picasso.

Zoom zoom. The boys were very excited at the need 4 speed station where toilet tissue rolls, bubble wrap and cardboard were used to create racing ramps and tunnels for them to compete with each other using their favourite race car.

The technology and 3D station was filled with excitement and curiosity as both children and parents raced and experienced how a deca dice is printed using a 3D printer.

The fun filled day ended with some sumptuous food from our very own cafe, i.e. “Treetop Cafe”. Nasi Ulam and cakes prepared by our elementary and middle school students with their teachers were sold by our elementary and middle school children to the hungry crowd.
Everyone had a wonderful day out with their families and children.
See you again next year.